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Folder CD/DVD Burner 1.0 build 20081122

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This program is a standalone burning program. can integrated in the contextmenu.
Very fast data burning. Tested with SCSI, IDE, EIDE, USB and Firewire CD/DVD Writers, Create ISO. Burn a data disc in the following formats: CD-R, CD-RW, DVD+R/W, DVD+R, DVD-R, DVD-R/W, DVD+DL and DVD-RAM disk. Creating multisession discs. Import any of the available previous session. Making bootable DVD/CD. On the fly recording. Long filename (Joliet) support. Preventing bad burns and CD creation errors (BURN-Proof, Just Link, and OPC technologies). Integrated into the context menu.Burn with Folder Burn. Supported Visual-ISO. Burn multible files and folder. Very fast Folder Compare and a VISUAL-ISO compare file routine. Erase CD/DVD fast/normal. Virtually all writers support.
Multilanguage version (/bulgarian/dutch/english/german/galicia/italian/russian)
New: Create an DVD Video ISO from an VIDEO DVD folder with mkisofs
Download version 1.0 build 20081122 for Windows 2000/XP and higher (if you have a refresh problem, readme_first.txt)

SHA1: ba1d62e755eeff3851a8faf1f7e75e085739fa51
MD5: 734fc82b562213a04461922ecf0dbae5
Size: 643.07 KB

Download version for Win9x version 1.0 build 20081027

SHA1: cce1f10dab9ad6ac75afce1bcebb0d18d5913689
MD5: 5bf62aeb6091ff290b4283ca98701645
Size: 626.23 KB

Download a special Visual-ISO for Folderburn. For burn more as one folder and files (version 1.1b8)

SHA1: 230be2c8d485eea660b391d8bd64534ca7881565
MD5: 1c0df97ed6f5c2f9f5cd5772d674bacf
Size: 240.62 KB

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