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DROPCD 1.09 Beta PASSWORD:dpaehl

PASSWORD:dpaehl DROPCD incl. CDR-TOOLS 2.01a01 (With DVD Support) NOT tested
DropCD (Create DataCD) is an easy to use tool to create data CD(DVD)s. You can erase your CD(DVD)RW fast normal and force fast/normal. The program offers a unique drop icon that floats on your desktop and allows you to quickly add multiple files and folders from different locations by simply dragging them onto the icon. The icon immediately calculates and displays the total size of your added data, so you know how much space you have left on your media. Save the config and Multilanguage (GERMAN, ENGLISH, DUTCH, FRENCH, POLISH, HUNGARIAN, ITALIAN, GALICIAN and CATALAN).

SHA1: 224a808d6c1a9ce1b826d88a87452c05966bc8df
MD5: 2b43fba8851fd9eac73de534bf213c62
Size: 1104.79 KB

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