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CDDVD COPY incl. CDR-TOOLS v2.01.01a60 (CD and DVD version)
This program is an an to use CD/DVD COPY Use the CDRTOOLS from Jörg Schilling.
With this program you can copy your CD or DVD very easy. You can erase CD-RW or DVD. Support: OVERBURN. Create and ISO from CD/DVD. Multilanguage (English,German, French, Catalan,Czech, Hungarian, Italian, Slovak, Spanish, portuguese PT, russian, dutch). FREEWARE. This GUI have an own ASPI/SPTI detection. No ASPI driver required for NT/W2K or XP.

SHA1: e83618a337c9860008163080e07cb17acc270087
MD5: 34d3df054fd56bca0dc092b7af45d581
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